The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XL-1/W5
10 Dec 2015
 | 10 Dec 2015


S. Borhaninejad, F. Hakimpour, and E. Hamzei

Keywords: Spatial, search engine, GML documents, crawler, spatial documents, data access

Abstract. Nowadays the selective access to information on the Web is provided by search engines, but in the cases which the data includes spatial information the search task becomes more complex and search engines require special capabilities. The purpose of this study is to extract the information which lies in spatial documents. To that end, we implement and evaluate information extraction from GML documents and a retrieval method in an integrated approach. Our proposed system consists of three components: crawler, database and user interface. In crawler component, GML documents are discovered and their text is parsed for information extraction; storage. The database component is responsible for indexing of information which is collected by crawlers. Finally the user interface component provides the interaction between system and user. We have implemented this system as a pilot system on an Application Server as a simulation of Web. Our system as a spatial search engine provided searching capability throughout the GML documents and thus an important step to improve the efficiency of search engines has been taken.