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13 May 2013
 | 13 May 2013


M. G. Ma, X. Li, Wang Weizhen, Q. Xiao, K. Zhao, and X. P. Xin

Keywords: Validation, validation network, remote sensing, remote sensing products, China

Abstract. Validation is important assurance for the usage of remote sensing products. This paper introduces the design of a planning Validation network of Remote sensing Products in China (VRPC). VRPC is planning to incorporate more than 10 experimental stations relating to remote sensing observation. The observation fields of these stations need include typical land surface types as possible. VRPC will be realized step by step. In the first stage, four stations that have better remote sensing observation basis are incorporated. They are Heihe Remote Sensing Comprehensive Experimental Station, Huailai Remote Sensing Comprehensive Experimental Station, Jingyuetan Remote Sensing Experimental Station, Hulunber Grassland Ecosystem Observation and Research Station. In this paper, the over goal of VRPC was introduced firstly. Then the basic selection principles of the observation sites were set down especially for the validation of the remote sensing products. The layout scheme of each observation site was preliminarily designed for various types of products with different spatial resolutions. It is the key problem to realize the combination of observation and research among all the stations. Therefore the unified observation system and operating rules are necessary, which can increase the comparability and consistency of the observation data. Multi-year measurements ensure that inter-annual validity of land products can be assessed in China. 2013 is the first measurement year of the VRPC. Some joint observation plans will be performed in this summer. The validation products mainly include Leaf Area Index & FPAR, NPP & GPP, Land Surface Temperature, Evapotranspiration, and so on. The observation sites of VRPC are open and hope more cooperation and exchange in the world.