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17 Apr 2014
 | 17 Apr 2014

A case of plagiarism: "3D APPLICATIONS IN DISASTER MITIGATION AND MANAGEMENT: CORE RESULTS OF DITAC PROJECT" published in ISPRS 8th 3D GeoInfo Conference & WG II/2 Workshop, XL-2/W2, 2013 WG II/2, 173–177

K. Kaptan, U. Kavlak, O. Yilmaz, O. T. Celik, A. K. Manesh, P. Fischer, O. Lupescu, P. L. Ingrassia, W. J. Ammann, M. Ashkenazi, C. Arculeo, R. Komadina, K. Lechner, G. v. Arnim, and B Hreckovski