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Articles | Volume XL-2/W2
20 Aug 2013
 | 20 Aug 2013


I. Kahraman, I. R. Karas, B. Alizadehasharfi, and A. Abdul-Rahman

Keywords: Geographical Information System, Campus Information System, 3D GIS, CityGML, Dynamic Pulse Function

Abstract. This paper discusses the method of developing Campus Information System. The system can handle 3D spatial data within desktop and web environment. The method consists of texturing of building facades for 3D building models and modeling 3D Campus Information System. In this paper, some of these steps are carried out; modelling 3D buildings, toggling these models on the terrain and ortho-photo, integration with a geo-database, transferring to the CityServer3D environment by using CityGML format and designing the service, etc. In addition to this, a simple but novel method of texturing of building façades for 3D city modeling that is based on Dynamic Pulse Function (DPF) is used for synthetic and procedural texturing. DPF is very fast compared to other photo realistic texturing methods. Last but not least, it is aimed to present this project on web using web mapping services. This makes 3D analysis easy for decision makers.