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11 Aug 2014
 | 11 Aug 2014

A general data-driven algorithm for façade structure modeling using ground based laser data

M. Yousefzadeh, F. H. M. Leurink, and M. Beheshti jou

Keywords: Terrestrial laser data, Point cloud, Data-driven modeling, RANSAC, Density histogram

Abstract. Façade reconstruction from laser point cloud has been an interesting subject in Photogrammetric community for the last two decades. However, due to the variety of architecture types and the nature of laser data, proposing a fully automatic modelling algorithm is still a challenge. Irregular architecture, density variation, occlusion and noise level are the main hindering factors of proposing a general model for façade reconstruction. This paper describes the sequences of an automatic data- driven method which starts from raw laser data and ends with object extraction. Statistical analysis was frequently utilized in segmentation, splitting line detection and object characterization. A rule-based modification method was employed to model the complexity of façade layout. Developed interface enables non-expert user to interact with modelling process by setting few parameters. The method was tested over a couple of datasets.