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13 Nov 2013
 | 13 Nov 2013

The Construction Technology of the Boundary Environment Model Based on Hexagon

L.-L. Wu, Y.-X. Hua, Q. Xu, and Y. Cheng

Keywords: Spatial, Structure, Technology, Terrestrial, Thematic

Abstract. Since ancient times, land boundary problem is one of the most sensitive issues. The study of land boundary environment, is the foundation of safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity. The land boundary environment includes natural geographical environment, human geographical environment and other aspects. These complicated information gathering at the land border area, to a certain extent, affects the land border demarcation and analysis. Although there are a number of ways to organize, manage and express these information, but these methods lack the entire description and abstract to the whole land boundary environment, and the correlation between the information is not strong, the most important is that they can not make the continuous border environment information participate in the process of analysis and demarcation of boundary. Therefore, this paper analyzed the specific content of the land boundary environment and its shortcomings in the land delimitation, proposed the Hexagonal Land Boundary Environment Model both with the hierarchy and integrity, expounded the superiority of the model, and discussed the process and methods of how to build the model.