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13 Nov 2013
 | 13 Nov 2013

Design and Implementation of Surrounding Transaction Plotting and Management System Based on Google Map API

Y. B. Cao, Y. X. Hua, J. X. Zhao, and S. M. Guo

Keywords: Architecture, Borderlands, Database, Decision Support, GIS, Internet/Web, Mapping, Real-time

Abstract. With China’s rapid economic development and comprehensive national strength growing, Border work has become a long-term and important task in China’s diplomatic work. How to implement rapid plotting, real-time sharing and mapping surrounding affairs has taken great significance for government policy makers and diplomatic staff. However, at present the already exists Boundary information system are mainly have problems of Geospatial data update is heavily workload, plotting tools are in a state of serious lack of, Geographic events are difficult to share, this phenomenon has seriously hampered the smooth development of the border task. The development and progress of Geographic information system technology especially the development of Web GIS offers the possibility to solve the above problems, this paper adopts four layers of B/S architecture, with the support of Google maps service, uses the free API which is offered by Google maps and its features of openness, ease of use, sharing characteristics, highresolution images to design and implement the surrounding transaction plotting and management system based on the web development technology of ASP.NET, C#, Ajax. The system can provide decision support for government policy makers as well as diplomatic staff’s real-time plotting and sharing of surrounding information. The practice has proved that the system has good usability and strong real-time.