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13 Nov 2013
 | 13 Nov 2013

Automatic Match between Delimitation Line and Real Terrain Based on Least-Cost Path Analysis

C. Q. Feng, N. Jiang, X. N. Zhang, and J. Ma

Keywords: Automation, Model, Delimitation, Match, Module Builder, Least-Cost Path Analysis

Abstract. Nowadays, during the international negotiation on separating dispute areas, manual adjusting is lonely applied to the match between delimitation line and real terrain, which not only consumes much time and great labor force, but also cannot ensure high precision. Concerning that, the paper mainly explores automatic match between them and study its general solution based on Least -Cost Path Analysis. First, under the guidelines of delimitation laws, the cost layer is acquired through special disposals of delimitation line and terrain features line. Second, a new delimitation line gets constructed with the help of Least-Cost Path Analysis. Third, the whole automatic match model is built via Module Builder in order to share and reuse it. Finally, the result of automatic match is analyzed from many different aspects, including delimitation laws, two-sided benefits and so on. Consequently, a conclusion is made that the method of automatic match is feasible and effective.