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Articles | Volume XL-4
23 Apr 2014
 | 23 Apr 2014

Change detection-based updating of constructed land in large area

H. Xing, J. Chen, H. Wu, and M. Lu

Keywords: Land cover updating, Change detection, Large area

Abstract. Urban development significantly changes constructed land across both urban and rural areas around the world in recent years. It is vital to keep constructed land data "fresh" for its application and development. Change detection with remotely sensed imagery is an effective way to updating land cover in large area. In this paper, the updating requirements of constructed land in large area are analysed. A strategy is proposed to select suitable change detection method from data source, manual work and accuracy assessment. Then two different approaches of updating land cover with change detection are compared by mean of this strategy. Based on the comparison result, current experiment of updating constructed land with change detection in Shandong province is discussed. Updating land cover with change detection in manner of web services will be research priorities in future research.