The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XL-5/W2
19 Jul 2013
 | 19 Jul 2013


I. Bianco, M. Del Giudice, and M. Zerbinatti

Keywords: Cultural Heritage, BIM, Database, 3D model, Interoperability, GIS

Abstract. The purpose of this paper is to show some results coming from the international Interreg-AlpStone project, a research whose main aim is the protection and valorisation of a rural Cultural Heritage, theme of recent growing interest. In particular the background of this contribute is the traditional stone architecture placed in the territory between Italy and Switzerland, while into the foreground is put the method to right document, archive and analyse information about the objects of study. The response comes from BIM technologies (acronym of Building Information Modeling) which objective is the creation of a dynamical and interoperable system allowing the share of information through a unique database. If these methods have been largely employed on new constructions, they still haven't been enough tested on the field of historical architecture. In order to fill this gap, the paper suggest a method leading to the creation of a Cultural Heritage information system, which arise during the survey phase and continue through the detection of different building information, the proposal of recovery solutions, the asset georeferentiation on the territory and finally the moment of sharing information on a web platform. The creation of an architectural database is made possible by a survey based on point clouds. The latter constitute then the input data for the creation of a 3D model made with a parametric software allowing the increase of various kind of information. The future work plans will complete this project by locating the Cultural Heritage models on a webGIS.