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Articles | Volume XL-5/W4
18 Feb 2015
 | 18 Feb 2015

Low cost 3D-modelling of a complex archaeological site using aerial photography in the hinterland of Petra, Jordan

R. Emaus and R. Goossens

Keywords: Udhruh, Roman Archaeology, Quarries, Photogrammetry, Aerial Photography, Kite

Abstract. Individual archaeological sites can sometimes show a complex morphology. One such site is the Roman quarries located one kilometre northwest of the Roman fortress at Udhruh, in the hinterland of Petra. In archaeology there are various platforms such as balloons, kites and unmanned aerial vehicles (uav's) from which low altitude aerial photographs can be taken that have been proven to work. All with their specific advantages above others in different circumstances. By designing a very distinct setup for the kite and optimizing the workflow accordingly, an effective and steady platform for the camera was created. The Quarries were photographed from the air and the images then provided enough material to accurately create a 3D model of the site.