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Articles | Volume XL-5/W7
13 Aug 2015
 | 13 Aug 2015

GIS-based Digital Applications on Maintenance and Preservation for traditional Chinese Gardens

S. Schulz, N. Dong, and S. Zhang

Keywords: GIS, Data Applications, Green Space Register, Maintenance, Chinese Gardens, Germany, China

Abstract. This paper will set a comparison of current digital database models in China and its successful-proven predecessors in Germany. It will analyse applied tools, structures, targets, and results to identify the potentials and conditions for digital registers specifically aimed at Traditional Chinese Gardens. The challenges of data collection, database maintenance and regular updating, user handling, as well as analysis performance and evaluation will be discussed. A focus will be set on heritage-related attributes as one of the main purposes of the database. By using best-practice examples of German database systems, the paper aims on both identifying the required key attributes for traditional Chinese Garden management and developing a new guideline for digitally-supported heritage preservation and protective maintenance in traditional Chinese Gardens in China.