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13 Aug 2015
 | 13 Aug 2015

Research on the protection of haiyan hall earthen stereobate relic site at yuanmingyuan park

L. Yanqiu, X. Jinliang, and Q. Hai

Keywords: Haiyan Hall at Yuanmingyuan Park, Earthen Relic Site, history, protection

Abstract. The Haiyan Hall Earthen Relic Site at Yuanmingyuan Park is an earthen relic with significant historical value and special structure stress. Starting with the historical research of Haiyan Hall Earthen Relic Site at Yuanmingyuan Ruins, this paper offers an in-depth knowledge of the original site construction craft and proposes a protection scheme aiming at addressing the current problems at the relic site and achieving its continuity and readability by combining modern technology and abiding by the principles of relics protection.