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11 Aug 2015
 | 11 Aug 2015

Integrated knowledge-based tools for documenting and monitoring damages to built heritage

R. Cacciotti

Keywords: Built heritage, Ontology, Knowledge-based system, Documentation, Damage

Abstract. The advancements of information technologies as applied to the most diverse fields of science define a breakthrough in the accessibility and processing of data for both expert and non-expert users. Nowadays it is possible to evidence an increasingly relevant research effort in the context of those domains, such as that of cultural heritage protection, in which knowledge mapping and sharing constitute critical prerequisites for accomplishing complex professional tasks. The aim of this paper is to outline the main results and outputs of the MONDIS research project. This project focusses on the development of integrated knowledge-based tools grounded on an ontological representation of the field of heritage conservation. The scope is to overcome the limitations of earlier databases by the application of modern semantic technologies able to integrate, organize and process useful information concerning damages to built heritage objects. In particular MONDIS addresses the need for supporting a diverse range of stakeholders (e.g. administrators, owners and professionals) in the documentation and monitoring of damages to historical constructions and in finding related remedies. The paper concentrates on the presentation of the following integrated knowledgebased components developed within the project: (I) MONDIS mobile application (plus desktop version), (II) MONDIS record explorer, (III) Ontomind profiles, (IV) knowledge matrix and (V) terminology editor. An example of practical application of the MONDIS integrated system is also provided and finally discussed.