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12 Jul 2013
 | 12 Jul 2013

Remote Sensing Image Fusion Based on Discrete Fractional Random Transform for Modified IHS

Q. Guo, A. Li, H. Q. Zhang, and Z. K. Feng

Keywords: Discrete fractional random transform, IHS, Remote sensing, Image fusion, Pan-sharpening

Abstract. The traditional IHS fusion, as a spatial domain method, mostly achieves the good spatial quality but the spectral distortion. The discrete fractional random transform (DFRNT) fusion, as a transform domain method, can maintain the high spectral information. Thus, in this paper, we propose a combined DFRNT-IHS approach to obtain good spectral quality and high spatial quality. Moreover, instead of fusion in spatial domain or transform domain respectively as in the conventional way, the proposed DFRNT-IHS approach is for joint spatial and transform domain. Real multi-spectral and panchromatic images are used to evaluate the effectiveness of the proposed method. The fused images are found to preserve both the spectral information of the multi-spectral image and the high spatial resolution information of the panchromatic image more effectively than several existing image fusion techniques. Spectrum distribution of DFRNT is random and dispersive, which guarantees low spectral distortion and certain robustness.