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26 Jun 2015
 | 26 Jun 2015

Semi-automatic Road Extraction from SAR images using EKF and PF

J. Q. Zhao, J. Yang, P. X. Li, and J. M. Lu

Keywords: SAR image, Semi-automatic road extraction, Extend Kalman Filtering (EKF), Particles Filtering (PF)

Abstract. Recently, the use of linear features for processing remote sensing images has shown its importance in applications. As one of typical linear targets, road is a hot spot of remote sensing image interpretation. Since extracting road by manual processing is too expensive and time consuming, researches based on automatic and semi-automatic have become more and more popular. Such interest is motivated by the requirements for civilian and military applications, such as road maps, traffic monitoring, navigation applications, and topographic mapping. How to extract road accurately and efficiently from SAR images is a key problem. In this paper, through analyzing characteristics of road, semi-automatic road extraction based on Extend Kalman Filtering (EKF) and Particles Filtering (PF), is presented. These two methods have the same algorithm flow which is an iterative approach based on prediction and update. The specific procedure as follows: at prediction stage, we obtain prior probability density function by the prior stage and prediction model, and through prior probability density function and the new measurement, at update stage we obtain the posterior probability density function which is the optimal estimation of road system state. Both EKF and PF repeat the steps above until the extracting tasks are finished. We use these two methods to extract road respectively. The effectiveness of the proposed method is demonstrated through the experiments from Howland by UAVSAR in L-band. And through contrast experiments, we discover that extracting difference complexity of road based on different methods can improve accuracy and efficiency. The results show that EKF has better performance on road with middle noise and PF has better performance on road with high noise.