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26 Jun 2015
 | 26 Jun 2015

Extraction of Peak Feature Based on Synthetic Sinc Model in SAR images

Y. Y. Kong, H. Leung, S. Yan, and S. Y. Xing

Keywords: SAR Image, Peak Feature, Point Scatters, Gaussian Mask, Synthetic Sinc Model, Fluctuations Analyze

Abstract. Peak is an important feature in Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR), which represents essence of scattering centre. There are two general approaches in the literature to extract peak. One way is to extract peak after speckle suppression filtering. Using this method, the extracted feature is in accurate, and the algorithm is more complicated. Another is that detecting the amplitude of the peak directly. In order to have a fast and accurate peak extraction, we proposed using the Sinc peak model algorithm in this paper. It directly extracts peak features from the original SAR image without any noise suppression filtering, which is instead of Gauss mask function. The estimation parameters of peaks use QE theorists. Finally, we can get accuracy three parameters to describe peak features. Analytic fluctuation of parameters is compared with Gauss model peaks using truth SAR images. Experimental demonstrate that the new algorithm is more effective than others for extracting peak features in SAR images.