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26 Jun 2015
 | 26 Jun 2015

An Analysis of Surface Subsidence in Chiba Using PSInSAR Technique

R. H. Li, Z. Zhao, M. Y. Duan, Z. Y. Wang, and P. Wang

Keywords: PSInSAR, Surface subsidence, The public master image, Interferograms, PS points

Abstract. Currently, surface subsidence has become an important problem what we are facing. Because of complex topography, uneven distribution of rainfall, and the fast development of urbanization, many cities of the world have undergone surface subsidence disaster, such as Chiba, Paris, Tokyo, Beijing. The surface subsidence has occurred in Chiba since the early twenty-first century. The surface subsidence seriously threatens the safety of human life and property. In order to monitor surface subsidence, people have done a lot of research, and time-series InSAR technique with its better coverage, lower cost and high measurement accuracy advantages shows great potentiality for monitoring surface subsidence. Time-series InSAR technique can be applied for analysis of subtle surface subsidence which occurred consistently for a long term period. This paper uses time-series InSAR technique, Permanent Scatterers Interferometric SAR (PSInSAR), to monitor surface subsidence of Chiba. The used dataset consists of thirty-four Envisat ASAR images from September 2006 to August 2010. For the experimental results, this paper uses GPS data to verify the reliability of the results, and the results can provide information for local government to prevent the occurrence of surface subsidence.