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28 Nov 2014
 | 28 Nov 2014

Quality Metrics of Semi Automatic DTM from Large Format Digital Camera

J. Narendran, P. Srinivas, M. Udayalakshmi, and S. Muralikrishnan

Keywords: LFDC, DSM, DTM, Ultracam-D, filtering, Check points, GSD

Abstract. The high resolution digital images from Ultracam-D Large Format Digital Camera (LFDC) was used for near automatic DTM generation. In the past, manual method for DTM generation was used which are time consuming and labour intensive. In this study LFDC in synergy with accurate position and orientation system and processes like image matching algorithms, distributed processing and filtering techniques for near automatic DTM generation. Traditionally the DTM accuracy is reported using check points collected from the field which are limited in number, time consuming and costly. This paper discusses the reliability of near automatic DTM generated from Ultracam-D for an operational project covering an area of nearly 600 Sq. Km. using 21,000 check points captured stereoscopically by experienced operators. The reliability of the DTM for the three study areas with different morphology is presented using large number of stereo check points and parameters related to statistical distribution of residuals such as skewness, kurtosis, standard deviation and linear error at 90% confidence interval. The residuals obtained for the three areas follow normal distribution in agreement with the majority of standards on positional accuracy. The quality metrics in terms of reliability were computed for the DTMs generated and the tables and graphs show the potential of Ultracam-D for the generation of semiautomatic DTM process for different terrain types.