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Articles | Volume XL-8
28 Nov 2014
 | 28 Nov 2014

New Change Detection Techniques to monitor land cover dynamics in mine environment

S. Pathak

Keywords: Change Detection, Segmentation, Multitemporal, High resolution, Iteratively Re-weighted Multivariate Alteration Detection (IR-MAD)

Abstract. Land use and land cover are dynamic and is an important component in understanding the interactions of the human activities with the environment and thus it is necessary to simulate environmental changes. Land use/cover (LU/LC) change detection is very essential for better understanding of landuse dynamic during a known period of time for sustainable management. Mining is one of the most dynamic processes with direct as well as indirect impact on the environment. Hence, mine area provides ideal situation for evaluating the chronological changes in land-use patterns. Digital change detection of satellite data at different time interval helps in analyzing the changes in the spatial extent of mine along with the associated activities. In present study, various algorithms Iteratively Re-weighted Multivariate Alteration Detection (MAD) on raw data where class wise comparison becomes a difficult proposition and object based segmentation and change detection as post classification comparison were assessed.