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03 Jun 2016
 | 03 Jun 2016

Current Status of International Airborne Platform Data and Instrument Interface Standards

Matt Freer, Chris Webster, and Larry Freundinger

Keywords: environment, facilities, GIS, database, internet/web, technology, atmosphere, engineering, airborne science platform systems

Abstract. Commission I of the International Society for Photogrammetric and Remote Sensing formed working group I/1 for the purpose of standardizing airborne platform interfaces. The primary mission of this working group is to promote the standardization of instrument interfaces, data formats, and supporting infrastructures; and to facilitate more efficient, flexible, and cost-effective international science flight operations. Within WGI/1 are a number of focused subgroups. This paper addresses the efforts of some of these subgroups having interdependent and overlapping interests; including the development of standard software interfaces for sensors, standardized approaches to management of information over potentially intermittent wireless data links, the development of standardized processing algorithms, and data archival format standards. The data in this report reflect the outcome of work-to-date in the current subgroups.