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06 Jun 2016
 | 06 Jun 2016

Assessing the Accuracy of Ortho-image using Photogrammetric Unmanned Aerial System

H. H. Jeong, J. W. Park, J. S. Kim, and C. U. Choi

Keywords: UAV, Ortho-image, Photogrammetry, Camera calibration

Abstract. Smart-camera can not only be operated under network environment anytime and any place but also cost less than the existing photogrammetric UAV since it provides high-resolution image, 3D location and attitude data on a real-time basis from a variety of built-in sensors. This study’s proposed UAV photogrammetric method, low-cost UAV and smart camera were used. The elements of interior orientation were acquired through camera calibration. The image triangulation was conducted in accordance with presence or absence of consideration of the interior orientation (IO) parameters determined by camera calibration, The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) was constructed using the image data photographed at the target area and the results of the ground control point survey. This study also analyzes the proposed method’s application possibility by comparing a Ortho-image the results of the ground control point survey. Considering these study findings, it is suggested that smartphone is very feasible as a payload for UAV system. It is also expected that smartphone may be loaded onto existing UAV playing direct or indirect roles significantly.