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09 Jun 2016
 | 09 Jun 2016

The New Approach to Camera Calibration – GCPs or TLS Data?

J. Markiewicz, P. Podlasiak, M. Kowalczyk, and D. Zawieska

Keywords: Calibration, OpenCV, BLOB Detectors, Corner Detectors, TLS calibration field

Abstract. Camera calibration is one of the basic photogrammetric tasks responsible for the quality of processed products. The majority of calibration is performed with a specially designed test field or during the self-calibration process. The research presented in this paper aims to answer the question of whether it is necessary to use control points designed in the standard way for determination of camera interior orientation parameters. Data from close-range laser scanning can be used as an alternative. The experiments shown in this work demonstrate the potential of laser measurements, since the number of points that may be involved in the calculation is much larger than that of commonly used ground control points. The problem which still exists is the correct and automatic identification of object details in the image, taken with a tested camera, as well as in the data set registered with the laser scanner.