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Articles | Volume XLI-B4
13 Jun 2016
 | 13 Jun 2016


M. U. Gumusay, O. Ozdemir, and T. Bakirman

Keywords: Web Based GIS, Bosphorus, Georeferencing, DTM, Digitizing

Abstract. Web based geographic information systems (GIS) has great potential based on developments in internet and web technology. Web based GIS is a network based tool that takes advantage of internet with visualizing, analysing and accessing of distributed data and analysis functions. With the length of 30 kilometres, the Bosphorus provides an essential zone that offers great maritime traffic services. This shipping way which connects The Black Sea and The Mediterranean Sea through The Marmara Sea, has no alternative and it is substantial for economies of Black Sea countries. The Bosphorus is one of most important natural straits in the world handling 150 transit ships, 23 freighters with dangerous cargo and 2500 local transport ships with 2 million passengers on daily basis. In this study, it is aimed to create a web based GIS application for an effective coast management which includes berthing factors (anchorage areas, currents, submerged, etc.), maritime traffic factors (traffic separation schemes, traffic flow directions), closed areas and other factors (lighthouses, buoys, beacons, etc.) by digitizing printed navigation charts produced by Turkish Naval Forces, Office of Navigation, Hydrography and Oceanography.