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16 Jun 2016
 | 16 Jun 2016

A New Application of Photogrammetry in the Underground Pipe Network Survey

Y. Li, Q. Feng, N. Zhang, H. Tian, Y. Yang, J. Jin, Y. Li, and L. Zhang

Keywords: Photogrammetric Instrument, Underground Pipe Survey, Secure and Efficient

Abstract. This paper mainly introduces a device that can be used for underground pipeline survey task. Through the cameras installed on the device, we can obtain stereo synchronous shooting images, and then use the method of close range photogrammetry to investigate and measure underground objects. During working process, the staff put the camera into the well and to control camera shooting from the ground. Greatly improve work efficiency, at the same time to avoid the underground toxis gas damage to people. The main content of this paper includes three parts: hardware design, software development and test production.