The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-1
26 Sep 2018
 | 26 Sep 2018


M. R. S. Silva, R. A. Eger, Y. A. Z. Rosenfeldt, and C. Loch

Keywords: Small UAVS, Image Processing, GCP, Urban Property Stock Georeferencing, Urban Parcel Georeferencing, Geometric Accuracy

Abstract. The urban environment is dynamic and is constantly changing. In Brazil, it has been recently published a decree for urban land regulation for the cadastre – Decree No 9.310 of 2018 15 of March which fixes 8,0 centimeters as the maximum spherical positional error for vertex of an urban property stock being georeferenced by Global Navigation Satellite System – GNSS equipment or aerial orthophotograph. Nowadays it has been noticed a growing use of Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle System – UAVS for remote sensing. This work aims to test if the accuracy of orthophoto-mosaic from a small UAVS mapping data of an urban area for a parcel scale georeferencing is answering the new decree of urban land regulation for the cadastre. It is intended to check the number of Ground Control Points (GCPs) to reach the best quality in terms of geometric resolution according to the necessity of positional quality for the urban parcel georeferenced for the cadastre. As a final consideration, the results implied that mapping a small surveying area with small UAVS is worth, being a potential tool for georeferencing city blocks, and using 20 pairs of GCPs is enough to reach the quality of positional geometry adequate to the Brazilian legislation.