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Articles | Volume XLII-2/W1
26 Oct 2016
 | 26 Oct 2016

Rethinking GIS Towards The Vision Of Smart Cities Through CityGML

C. Guney

Keywords: 3D city model, 3D web GIS, smart city, CityGML, WebGL, virtual globe, NoSQL, semantics

Abstract. Smart cities present a substantial growth opportunity in the coming years. The role of GIS in the smart city ecosystem is to integrate different data acquired by sensors in real time and provide better decisions, more efficiency and improved collaboration. Semantically enriched vision of GIS will help evolve smart cities into tomorrow’s much smarter cities since geospatial/location data and applications may be recognized as a key ingredient of smart city vision. However, it is need for the Geospatial Information communities to debate on “Is 3D Web and mobile GIS technology ready for smart cities?” This research places an emphasis on the challenges of virtual 3D city models on the road to smarter cities.