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Volume XLII-2/W12, 2019 – Keyword index

Volume XLII-2/W12, 2019 – Keyword index


Action Recognition Activation Function AdaBoost.M2 Adaptive model Additive technologies Adjustment Algorithms Animal Detection Anomalies Detection Anthropology Automated Digital Odontometry accuracy anthropology augmented reality


Deep Learning Deep convolutional neural networks Deep learning Depth Maps Derivative Operator Detection Diagnostic Event Digital Hadamard Transform Digital Watermarking Digital Wavelet Transform Digital model Distributed systems Doubly Stochastic Doubly Stochastic Models dermatology


Image Image Processing Image Segmentation Image recognition Image segmentation Image sharpening Interpretation of Heterogeneous Data Iris code matching Iris recognition identification image colorization image denoising image registration infrared images iris recognition


MSR Algorithm Machine Learning Marker selection Measure of symmetry Medial Representation Medical Imaging Medical image denoising Melanoma diagnosis Mirror Symmetry Mixed noise Model Model with Multiple Roots Movement Analysis Moving Object Detection Mucous glands Multi-scale Feature Layers Multidimensional Data Multizone Images Mummies miniscope mutual information


Paleoanthropology Pathology Pedestrian Detection Pedestrian Tracking Photogrammetry Principal Curvatures Privacy Preserving Elderly People Care Probabilistic Gamma-normal Model Protrusion Lesion person Re-ID phase phase congruency photogrammetry photorealistic texturing


SMOTEBagging SMOTEBoost Satellite Videos Segmentation Sign Language Simulation Single-stage Method Skeleton Skeleton Description Software Spatial Correlation Spatial Weight Split Bregman Stridden Depth Motion Map Sub-sequences of Skeleton Primitives Sungir Sviyazhsk Symmetry detection
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