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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W1
25 Jul 2017
 | 25 Jul 2017


J. Oberst, H. Hussmann, B. Giese, F. Sohl, D. Shoji, A. Stark, K. Wickhusen, and M. Wählisch

Keywords: Saturn, Cassini, Enceladus, Planetary Geodesy

Abstract. The small (approximately 500 km in diameter) satellite Enceladus is moving near the equatorial plane and deep in the gravity field of its parent planet Saturn. Owing to tidal interaction with its parent, Enceladus has adopted a pronounced 3-axial ellipsoidal shape and is tidally locked, with rotational and orbital periods of about 1.37 days. As the equator of Saturn is inclined to the planet’s orbital plane, Enceladus, like most of the other satellites of Saturn, undergoes pronounced seasons. This paper gives a summary of the current status as well as shortcomings of our current knowledge regarding Enceladus’ geodetic and dynamic parameters.