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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
08 Feb 2020
 | 08 Feb 2020


Y. Zhang, J. J. Huang, S. H. Tang, and P. W. Xing

Keywords: Height Fitting, Artificial Bee Colony, Least Squares Support Vector Machine, Regularization Parameter, Kernel Parameters

Abstract. Aiming at the problem that the fitting parameters of the least squares support vector machine fitting method are difficult to select, a method of introducing the artificial bee colony algorithm into the least squares support vector machine to establish a high-precision region fitting model is proposed. The artificial bee colony algorithm can perform global tracking search on the parameters in the least squares support vector machine, imitate the honey collecting process of the bees, and use the primary value of the parameters as the honey source, and the average square error predicted by the least squares support vector machine as the target. The function value is determined by iterative update within a certain range to determine the optimal parameters, and finally a GPS height fitting model with higher precision is established. Experimental analysis, compared with the conventional least squares support vector machine fitting method, the accuracy of the fitting model constructed by the ABC-LSSVM combination method is improved by 45.4%. At the same time, the combined method is better than the particle swarm optimization fitting method and BP neural network. The legal convergence effect is higher and the stability is better. The effective feasibility of the ABC-LSSVM combination method in the construction of GPS height fitting model is proved, which provides a certain reference value for the establishment of GPS height fitting model.