The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
07 Feb 2020
 | 07 Feb 2020


J. W. Li, W. D. Chen, Y. Ma, N. Yu, X. Li, and J. W. Jiang

Keywords: Geographical Space-time Big Data, Geographic Context, Association Rule Algorithm, Data Mining

Abstract. Along with the rapid development of Internet technology, GNSS technology and mobile terminals, a large amount of information including geographical location and time attributes has been generated. Faced with large and complex Internet geospatial data, how to quickly and accurately extract valuable reference information becomes an urgent problem to be solved. And the user's demand for personalized information of recommendation information is getting stronger and stronger, and researching efficient and accurate personalized recommendation system has good application value. In this paper, based on the application requirements of personalized recommendation information, the GIS platform and related recommendation algorithms are used to fully exploit the user and location based on geographic space-time big dataIt is divided into user explicit interest and user implicit interest, and then establishes a scientific and efficient user behavior motivation prediction model based on geographic situation. User interest information can be obtained from explicit interest information, implicit interest information and geographic situation interest information. Geographical environment, geographic location and other related context information. By introducing time factors, it is used to update and improve the user real-time interest model to achieve accurate prediction of user behavior motives under geographic spatio-temporal big data. Use Apriori algorithm to calculate the support and determine the current Frequent itemsets of user interest in geographic context, using frequent itemsets to generate strong association rules, and realizing the analysis of user behavior motives based on geography context. For geographic spatio-temporal big data, this paper proposes a personalized hybrid recommendation algorithm, which is based on users. Effective combination of collaborative filtering algorithms and association rules for geographic context-user behavioral interest adaptation.