The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W10
08 Feb 2020
 | 08 Feb 2020


W. J. Lu, Q. Xu, C. Z. Lan, S. Q. Shi, L. Lyu, Y. Zhou, and Y. H. Zhao

Keywords: Data Driven, Real Time, Area Coverage, Earth Observation, Stream Computing, Online Service

Abstract. Satellite area coverage analysis is complex, especially when the satellite operating state changes. Traditional algorithms cannot quickly and efficiently obtain the satellite area coverage analysis results, and are incapable of providing efficient online services. To overcome these shortcomings and meet the needs of 21st century geospatial science and applications for real-time response and online services for handling high concurrent requests, a data-driven real-time analysis service for satellite area coverage is proposed. Firstly, to optimize traditional algorithms, an extended bounding rectangle of the ground area is constructed, and the spatial relationship with the central point of satellite ground coverage area is determined to avoid large number of calculations of satellite ground coverage areas, thus, improving efficiency. Secondly, the data-driven real-time analysis model is constructed, and is used to further improve the efficiency of satellite area coverage analysis. Finally, a simulation analysis scenario is developed, the service proposed in this study is verified, and the results are visualized. The experimental results show that the proposed data-driven real-time analysis service can cope well with the requests from users for online service of satellite area coverage, improve the cognitive capability of users and operators, and help in completely utilizing the application performance of observation satellites.