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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W4
06 Mar 2018
 | 06 Mar 2018


G. Büyüksalih, S. Bayburt, and K. Jacobsen

Keywords: Kompsat-3, image geometry, height model, SGM, area based matching

Abstract. Height models are basic information required for disaster Management. Not in any case satisfying and actual height models are available, but they can be generated by satellite stereo pairs being more precise as InSAR.
The Korean Kompsat-3 has a ground sampling distance of 0.71m. A stereo combination covering the main part of Istanbul has been used for the generation of height models. Kompsat-3 images are available as L1R images, corresponding close to the original image geometry, and as L1G, being projected to the SRTM 3 arcsec height model. For use of Semi Global Matching quasi epipolar images are required. They can be produced by just rotating the L1G-images to the stereo base, while with L1R-images requires at first a projection to a constant height level. The projection of L1G to the SRTM height models leads to height differences against the SRTM heights. The orientation of the L1R images with 71 ground control points (GCP) was possible in X and Y with 0.6 GSD and in Z with 1.1 GSD, while with L1G images only 1.2 GSD respectively 2.9 GSD have been reached. A standard deviation of 0.6 GSD for X and Y and 1.1 GSD for Z is satisfying and a usual accuracy for satellite images. A comparison of the generated height model based on the L1G-images with airborne LiDAR data (ALS) showed clear local systematic height errors of the height model based on L1G-images which could not be seen with L1R-images.
The area based least squares matching leads to good results in open areas while in build up areas no accurate building determination is possible. Here SGM has a clear advantage with accurate roof structures corresponding to the 0.71 m GSD. For the relative accuracy, that means the building height and the roof structure, it does not matter if L1G or L1R images are used.