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Articles | Volume XLII-3/W4
06 Mar 2018
 | 06 Mar 2018


N. Vučić, M. Mađer, D. Pivac, and M. Roić

Keywords: fire hazard, land administration, monitoring, fire management system, compensations

Abstract. In the Republic of Croatia, especially during the summer times, fire hazards represent a real threat for vegetation and animals but also for material goods and human lives. The most affected areas are those in the coastal region which is characterized by very dry environment and strong winds which is suitable for rapid spread of fire. Even though the prevention of fire is an utmost imperative, Republic of Croatia is still missing a good and reliable fire management system for fire monitoring but also for post-disaster management. The results of currently ongoing scientific project “Development of Multipurpose Land Administration System – DEMLAS” could be of an assistance. The aim of the DEMLAS project is to create a prototype of a modern multipurpose land administration system that supports all land governance activities. It could be used for identifying dangerous locations where fires repeatedly occur and together with other relevant data provide a solution for better monitoring and prediction of the fires. It could also be used for identifying the land parcels for compensations for damages and losses after the fire devastations. The Island of Hvar which is also affected by this problem will serve as a test case for quick and relevant calculation of compensations based on official registered data.