The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-3
02 May 2018
 | 02 May 2018


G. Zhou, Q. Pan, T. Yue, Q. Wang, H. Sha, S. Huang, and X. Liu

Keywords: Vector and raster, Integration, Morton code, Data storage, Georaster

Abstract. Even though geomatique is so developed nowadays, the integration of spatial data in vector and raster formats is still a very tricky problem in geographic information system environment. And there is still not a proper way to solve the problem. This article proposes a method to interpret vector data and raster data. In this paper, we saved the image data and building vector data of Guilin University of Technology to Oracle database. Then we use ADO interface to connect database to Visual C++ and convert row and column numbers of raster data and X Y of vector data to Morton code in Visual C++ environment. This method stores vector and raster data to Oracle Database and uses Morton code instead of row and column and X Y to mark the position information of vector and raster data. Using Morton code to mark geographic information enables storage of data make full use of storage space, simultaneous analysis of vector and raster data more efficient and visualization of vector and raster more intuitive. This method is very helpful for some situations that need to analyse or display vector data and raster data at the same time.