The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W10
12 Sep 2018
 | 12 Sep 2018


H. Kiavarz, M. Jadidi, A. Rajabifard, and G. Sohn

Keywords: Smart City, Knowledge discovery, BIM, GIS, Fuzzy Reasoning, Rules Extraction

Abstract. Urban and population growth results in increasing pressure on the public utilities like transport, energy, healthcare services, crime management and emergency services in the realm of smart city management. Smart management of these services increases the necessity of dealing with big data which is come from different sources with various types and formats like 3D city information, GPS, traffic, mobile, Building Information Model (BIM), environmental, social activities and IoT stream data. Therefore, an approach to mine/analysis/interpret these data and extract useful knowledge from this diverse big data sources emerges in order to extract the hidden pattern of data using computational algorithms from statistics, machine learning and information theory. However, inconsistency, duplication and repetition and misconducting with the different type of discrete and continuous data can cause erroneous decision-making. This paper focuses on providing a rules extraction and supervised-decision making methods for facilitating the fusion of BIM and 2D and 3D GIS-based information coupling with IoT stream data residing in a spatial database and 3D BIM data. The proposed methods can be used in those applications like Emergency Response, Evacuation Planning, Occupancy Mapping, and Urban Monitoring to Smart Multi-Buildings so that their input data mostly come from 2D and 3D GIS, BIM and IoT stream. This research focus on proposing the unified rules extraction and decision engine to help smart citizens and managers using BIM and GIS data to make smart decision rather than focus on applications in certain field of BIM and GIS.