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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W14
23 Aug 2019
 | 23 Aug 2019


D. Rawal, V. Gupta, and A. Vyas

Keywords: Urban Growth, GDCR, DCR, Land Use and Land Management

Abstract. Approximately by the year 2030, 40% of population of a country will be urbanised. This indicates a tremendous opportunity in sector of constructing units for fulfilling Residential as well as commercial requirements. Construction activity takes place on land, it must be noted that land solely is not responsible. There are various regulations which affect the extent to which construction/land utilization can takes place. The two most significant factors which affects utilization of land are Zoning and Development Control regulation. Zoning will broadly determine land use while DCR varies depending on size of plot, height achieved by a construction activity and purpose for which it is being used. Development plan determines zone in which a land will be lying (i.e., from Macroscopic point of view), it determines the activity permitted and largely the FSI allotted for each zone. While General Development Control Regulation (GDCR) gives detailed structure regarding permitted activities for the land as well as minimum area of construction depending on its typology. In addition to its height as well as margin depends on factors like Road length and surrounding structure. Using the buildable area of a plot, the total built-up area in a city can be calculated based on the FSI provided in various zones that helps in providing sufficient infrastructure for the future It also gives an estimate on how much land needs to be opened up in future to accommodate the future population Study focuses on developing a Geospatial solution which can incorporate all these factors when a particular construction activity needs to be conducted. By obtaining buildable are one can forecast various infrastructural elements which needs to be implant along with various emergency provision of Fire Safety and Identify the Roof tops to fixed up the Solar penal, develop a public utility, other such.