The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W14
23 Aug 2019
 | 23 Aug 2019


J. F. Toro, D. Carrion, A. Albertella, and M. A. Brovelli

Keywords: Interreg, data interoperability, Open Data, DCAT, GeoDCAT, Semantic Web

Abstract. Open Data, and Open Government Data, are proving to be an important resource for the economic development inside the domain where information has a key role (Carrara et al., 2015). Although, different practices for data publishing have led to misalignment, underuse and repetition of information (Bizer et al., 2011). For this reason, the Public Administrations have undergone efforts on integrating the information and promoting interoperability through the implementation of best practices, as for example, the use of a common semantics vocabulary for the metadata (DCAT) as proposed by the ISA2 programme of the European Commission. The Interreg Italy-Switzerland GIOCOnDA project has been proposed for enhancing the data sharing processes in the cross-border area, particularly addressing tourism and mobility that are key economic activities for the region. For this work, a review on the data catalogues published in and is presented. The revision of the datasets showed the need for: 1) defining common semantics for the description of the categories of data to avoid the arbitrary use of vocabularies, and 2) adopting standards for the description of geodata. On the other hand, it was observed the potential to gather existing information to produce geodata querying the datasets with specific keywords that can provide spatial information. Open data, as well as the use of best practices for publishing data, push towards the use of FOSS. In this work, Python has been exploited to analyse the content of the catalogues to access web portals resources.