The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W16
01 Oct 2019
 | 01 Oct 2019


H. Karim, A. Abdul Rahman, and M. R. Mohd Salleh

Keywords: multi-scale, raster scale dimension, raster pixel resolution, raster analysis, resampling raster resolution

Abstract. Various users and applications required different abstraction details of spatial model either in vector or/and raster data types/models. Generating different model abstraction details (e.g. Level of Detail/LOD) produces various drawbacks especially for data model sharing among stakeholders or publics. Different abstraction detail or LOD means different details in geometry, semantic information, attributes as well as different accuracy provided within the vector model (e.g. a certain LOD). On the other hand, raster dataset with different resolutions on certain information or layer (e.g. elevation, land cover, spatial imagery, soil type, thematic raster map and others) could also be considered as multi-scale raster modelling which produces similar drawbacks with additional storage redundancy/consumption and updating works. There are some solutions for vector scale modelling such as CityGML (3D) and multi-scale or vario-scale (2D) modelling induce good solutions for vector; however, there are no solution for raster data type (or model) yet. Thus, a concept description in categorizing and defining multi-scale for multi-resolution raster dataset should be introduced. This paper basically highlights the similarity of spatial 2D vector and raster type GIS dataset, some introduction and properties of raster dataset which able to be defined it as the same level of vector LoD in scale modelling. This paper basically tries to kick off a new multi-scale domain in supporting spatial raster dataset (new idea), which will be then be extend/expand by related researchers near the future. Discussion on successful implementation of vector multi-scale model will be in the paper as well as existing multi-scale approach in storing raster dataset as the main content of the paper. Some potential analysis on related multi-scale raster and validation are also discussed to give brief idea on what is spatial raster capable of; especially to those who are new/not yet engage with this multi-scale spatial raster dataset.