The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W19
23 Dec 2019
 | 23 Dec 2019


S. Ajrhough, M. Maanan, H. Mharzi Alaoui, H. Rhinane, and E. H. El Arabi

Keywords: Forest Ecosystem Services, Modelling, Mapping, Trade-offs, Management Regimes, Carbon Sequestration

Abstract. Managing multiple ecosystem services (ES) across forest landscape, constitute a growing field of research. It represents a key challenge that attempts to optimize the trade-offs among provisioning, supporting, regulating and cultural ES. Here, we review approaches and shortcomings on some anterior FES studies. Three main components are presented, 1) an overview of the current state of research, 2) a summary of main methods adopted 3) an identification of principal approaches' restrictions. Several conclusions emerge: most of the studies focus on a limited number of FES which might undermine the long-term provision of other FES, or converge to using free software models which are practical and low-cost but require enormous data. This reveals how the lack of existing inventories and evaluations impacts the choice of methodologies and lead to use indirect methods of measurement. However, researches that aim to understand the relationships and conflicts among multiple FES and seeks to find out the best management regime will improve our ability to sustainably fulfil economic, ecologic and social goals.