The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W19
23 Dec 2019
 | 23 Dec 2019


L. J. Lao and B. J. Harder

Keywords: geospatial, data analytics, geovisualization, machine learning, web platform, location analysis

Abstract. This paper presents an overview of the Gateway web platform, a proprietary geospatial analytics system developed by Cobena Business Analytics and Strategy, Inc.1 The application is intended to serve as a user-friendly and easily-accessible tool for spatial data analysis and visualization geared toward non-technical specialists. Gateway’s core functionalities hinge on mapping and data visualization (choropleths and points) alongside traditional scoring methods and built-in machine learning algorithms for area prioritization and site selection. Gateway provides an interactive, cloud-based environment that abstracts and simplifies common location-based analyses. A core strength of the platform is also its heavy localization to the Philippine context through a curated database of market information — with future plans to create local counterparts across SEA — which reduces the need for extensive external market data collection and reconciliation. The paper gives a brief review of the system design and key features of the platform. It also highlights some key applications across industries such as real estate, consumer goods, and retail in informing expansion and distribution strategies, prioritizing resource allocation, and analyzing historical performance against market factors.