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05 Jul 2017
 | 05 Jul 2017


A. Albertella, M. A. Brovelli, and D. Gonzalez Ferreiro

Keywords: Open source GIS, Capacity Building, UN

Abstract. The UN Open GIS Initiative is to identify and develop, under UN guidance, an Open Source GIS bundle that meets the requirements of UN operations, taking full advantage of the expertise of mission partners (partner nations, technology contributing countries, international organizations, academia, NGO’s, private sector). The project, started in 2016, is composed by 4 working groups.

One of the working group is specifically related to Capacity Building, given its importance for the success of the project.

UN Open GIS will be based on some existing open source geospatial software (packages and libraries) with many extensions specifically developed. The users of the platform will be the UN staff supporting with mapping and GIS the peacekeeping missions. Therefore, they are generally expert of this specific domain, even if they are currently using proprietary software. UN Open GIS Capacity Building is specifically thought for covering this gap, providing them the suitable background about open source geospatial software in general and the education tailored to the solution that has been being developed within the project itself.