The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W8
11 Jul 2018
 | 11 Jul 2018


C. Ehbrecht, T. Landry, N. Hempelmann, D. Huard, and S. Kindermann

Keywords: Web Processing Service (WPS), Birdhouse, Climate Model Data, Earth Observation Data, Climate Change Impact, Extreme Weather Event Assessment, EU Copernicus Climate Change service (C3S), Research Platforms, Climate Services, PAVICS, Testbed, Big Data, Arti

Abstract. Birdhouse is a collaborative project open for the community to participate. It is a software framework containing a collection of Web Processing Services (WPS). The deployed algorithms are focusing on Earth Systems and environmental data processing with the philosophy of streamlining the software development and deployment. By supporting climate, earth observation and biodiversity data and processes, Birdhouse can be used in a wide array of Earth sciences projects and workflows. The core benefit of this project is to allow the seamless use of climate services developed by a diverse network of national meteorological offices, regional climate service providers, academics, not-for-profit research centers and private industry. As governments move toward open-data policies, there will be a need for analytical services that extract value out of the deluge of information. Using an interoperable software architecture, institutions can provide both data and services allowing users to process the data remotely from a laptop, instead of having to acquire and maintain large storage infrastructures.