The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4/W8
11 Jul 2018
 | 11 Jul 2018


H. Jeong, H. Ryoo, and K.-J. Li

Keywords: Data construction, Indoor space, OGC, IndoorGML, RESTful API, PostGIS

Abstract. Recently, services and systems that deal with indoor spatial information are increasing. Each service or system adopts a data model that can store necessary indoor space data according to its purpose. However, since the content of indoor spatial information that can be expressed by each data model is differ and limited, it is necessary to exchange information between the systems in order to use rich indoor spatial data. OGC has published IndoorGML as the standard for exchange of indoor spatial information data between systems. To use IndoorGML as an exchange format, the software which supports IndoorGML construction is fundamental. But there are several limitations in the previous IndoorGML data editing tools. There is no editing tool that can generate all the features which are defined by IndoorGML. If users want to generate IndoorGML data, they need to consider the requirements of the IndoorGML. In this study, we implemented InFactory, which is a IndoorGML generation tool based on RESTful API supporting users to easily construct IndoorGML data. Users can easily create IndoorGML without knowledge on the schema and requirements of IndoorGML using InFactory. In addition, developers on IndoorGML data construction tools such as GUI editors do not have to implement duplicated IndoorGML generation program for their systems. Using Java API that supports CRUD on IndoorGML data, users can also deal with IndoorGML data in their applications.