The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4
19 Sep 2018
 | 19 Sep 2018


Z. T. Ma, C. M. Li, Z. Wu, and P. D. Wu

Keywords: Spatio-temporal Big Data, Cloud Platform, the Belt and Road Initiative, Data Engine, Service Aggregation, Distributed Deployment

Abstract. Spatio-temporal big data cloud platform is an important spatial information infrastructure that can provide different period spatial information data services, various spatial analysis services and flexible API services. Activities of policy coordination, facilities connectivity and unimpeded trade on the Belt and Road Initiative (B&R) will create huge demands to the spatial information infrastructure. This paper focuses on researching a distributed spatio-temporal big data engine and an extendable cloud platform framework suits for the B&R and some key technologies to implement them. A distributed spatio-temporal big data engine based on Cassandra™ and an extendable 4-tier architecture cloud platform framework is put forward according to the spirit of parallel computing and cloud service. Four key technologies are discussed: 1) a storage and indexing method for distributed spatio-temporal big data, 2) an automatically collecting, processing, mapping and updating method of authoritative spatio-temporal data for web mapping service, 3) a schema of services aggregation based on nodes registering and services invoking based on view extension, 4) a distributed deployment and extension method of the cloud platform. We developed a distributed spatio-temporal big data centersoftware and founded the main node platform portal with MapWorld™ map services and some thematic information services inChina and built some local platform portals for those countries in the B&R area. The management and analysis services for spatio-temporal big data were built in flexible styles on this platform. Practices show that we provide a flexible and efficient solution tobuild the distributed spatio-temporal big data center and cloud platform, more node portals can be aggregated to the main portal bypublishing their own web services and registering them in the aggregation schema. The data center and platform can support thestorage and management of massive data well and has higher fault tolerance and better scalability.