The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-4
19 Sep 2018
 | 19 Sep 2018


J. Youn, D. Kim, T. Kim, J. H. Yoo, and B. J. Lee

Keywords: UAV, Logistics, Air road, 3D Grid System, Detail 3D Information

Abstract. With the drastic development of low-altitude UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology, UAV will be used for long-distance logistics in the near future. Many countries begin to develop UTM (UAV Traffic Management) system, and one of the objectives for the system is preparation of UAV-logistics era. In that era, hundreds of drone will simultaneously fly at one area. To prevent UAV collision in the air, UAV air road should be designed. The Korean government have supported research projects related with UAV air roads. This paper deals with development of UAV air roads by using 3D grid system. First, detail 3D spatial information for UAV air roads is constructed. In many cases, 3D digital map does not include transmission towers, utility poles, power lines, or trees, since the interests of 3D digital map are focussed on digital elevation model and digital surface model with buildings. The transmission towers, utility poles, and power lines could be obstacles when UAV perform its logistics mission. Therefore, detail 3D information should be constructed for UAV air roads. We constructed such detail 3D information by using MMS (Mobile Mapping System) and aerial survey with Lidar and digital photograph. Next, 3D grid system is proposed to present such detail 3D information. Usual object based 3D information is huge size and hard to control. To provide 3D information to a flying UAV, data should be light. Therefore, light-weight 3D grid system is effective to provide air road information to UAV. Proposed 3D grid based air roads can be used for UAV flight plan, traffic management etc.