The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLII-5
19 Nov 2018
 | 19 Nov 2018


D. Mishra, M. K. Sanabada, S. Sahu, S. Das, and S. Tripathi

Keywords: GOPLUS, Land Bank, Ortho image, Web-GIS, Geospatial data, Geocoded data, RoR (Record of Rights)

Abstract. Technological advancement is the key driver for economic growth and sustainable development. Geospatial Technologies applications and tools available today are being used for improved performance of a country towards all major verticals of economy. In a bid to attract investment and ensure hassle-free land acquisition for major projects, the Odisha government decided to create land banks for industrial development using advanced technology applications. In the present paper Geo-informatics, ICT and space technology inputs are used to create Web-GIS based solutions for Land Bank creation. High resolution ortho-images, geo-referenced digital revenue cadastral datasets, Revenue RoR data, satellite derived spatial datasets and utility attribute datasets of state department are used to create the Web-GIS Odisha land bank. Emphasis was given to develop a portal that offers an interactive platform and provide detailed information with regards to availability of industrial plots or land plot clusters based on location specific attributes in terms of connectivity, rail and road linkages and other physical and social infrastructure available in the vicinity. Conversely, the developed system helps an investor to identify suitable land plots in the vicinity of the utility, sub-utility selected by an investor as per his requirement. It enables prospective investors to identify suitable land in Odisha from the comfort of their offices. A prospective investor can define preferred parameters such as the district, size of land required, facilities available in the vicinity and proximity to existing developed infrastructure etc. based on which the portal identifies and returns information regarding the suitable land parcels available in the State. The outputs are web-hosted in public domain for use by all stakeholders interactively under GOPLUS (Govt. Odisha Portal for Land use and Services) through