The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIII-B2-2020
12 Aug 2020
 | 12 Aug 2020


A. V. Govorov, A. G. Chibunichev, and S. B. Makarov

Keywords: calibration, digital camera, flat test object, chessboard

Abstract. The paper presents a method for calibration of digital cameras based on the use of a flat test object. The main distinctive feature of this method is that the camera is fixed and does not change its position in space. A series of images of a flat test object (for example, a chessboard) is taken at various distances and inclination of the test object. One should tilt the test object relative to the image plane in order to avoid ambiguity in solving the problem. All these images are measured separately, and processing is performed together, counting them as one image with common exterior orientation elements. Experimental studies have shown sufficient efficiency of such calibration, which is easily implemented and gives positive results in comparison with the classical calibration of the camera on a spatial test object. The results of experimental studies on real images have shown that proposed calibration method gives the comparable with conventional method accuracy. Thus, it is possible to use simple and cheap flat calibration test object instead of spatial one. To achieve the maximum result in camera calibration accuracy, use this method to tilt the chessboard at angles in the range of 30–40 degrees to the optical axis of the camera being calibrated.