The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIII-B2-2022
30 May 2022
 | 30 May 2022


H. Zhang, Y. Yang, and D. Wang

Keywords: Multimode Satellite Image, Hybrid Block-Adjustment, Ortho-Image, Ground controlled Point

Abstract. Different satellite images have different positioning accuracy. For example, stereo satellite images have higher positioning accuracy than resource survey satellite images. In addition, for a large number of non stereo satellite images, due to the inability to build a strong triangulation model, it is impossible to carry out block adjustment alone to improve the image positioning accuracy. High precision and high resolution Orthophoto Images are the basis of resource investigation and monitoring and basic geographic information updating. For example, China's third national land survey, national geographic situation monitoring and other national projects require that the survey base map must reach the accuracy of 1:10000 scale, that is, the mean square plane error of points is less than 5m. For most satellite images, a certain number of ground control points need to be deployed to achieve this accuracy. Due to the difficulty of obtaining high-precision ground control points and DEM data in difficult areas, high-precision mapping has always been an unsolved problem, such as Western China. In addition, due to the limited coverage of a single satellite image, to realize the complete coverage of an image in a large area requires the joint application of multiple satellite images. In this paper, the high-precision collaborative geometric processing model and technical method of high-resolution multi-source remote sensing satellite images are proposed. The high-precision collaborative geometric processing of more than ten kinds of high-resolution domestic satellite images is completed by integrating multi-source observation data. An automatic construction method of large-scale block adjustment model of remote sensing images from domestic satellites based on multivariate generalized control network is proposed, including key technologies such as automatic optimization of optimal tie points under different modes, automatic matching of multi-node parallelization tie points, multi-level gross error elimination and so on, which realizes the automatic and stable construction of aerial triangulation model. The test shows that the positioning accuracy of satellite images is better than the accuracy requirements of 1:10000 scale without ground control points, which solves the problem of geometric positioning of 1:10000 scale accuracy in areas where it is difficult to obtain ground control points in the field of Western China.