The International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences
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Articles | Volume XLIII-B3-2021
29 Jun 2021
 | 29 Jun 2021


C. X. Chen, H. Zhang, K. Jiang, H. T. Zhao, W. Xie, C. He, and S. Yin

Keywords: Real Estate Registration, Quality Inspection, Quality Elements, Quality Evaluation Model, Quality Control

Abstract. In recent years, China has promulgated the "Civil Code of the People's Republic of China", "Implementation Rules of the Provisional Regulations on Real Estate Registration" and other laws and regulations, which have protected citizens' rights and obligations in real estate from the legal system. It shows that the quality of real estate registration data is very important. At present, there is no set of standards for evaluating the quality of real estate registration data. This article sorts out the production process of real estate registration data and focuses on the four stages of production: digitization results, field surveys and surveying and mapping results, group building results, integration and association. As a result, the main points of real estate registration data quality control were put forward, and a quality evaluation model was developed. Taking Beijing's real estate registration historical archives integrated data quality inspection as an application case, it shows that the quality evaluation model has been successfully applied to actual projects, ensuring the quality of Beijing real estate registration data. It also provides a reference for the next step in China's quality control of the unified registration of natural resources confirmation.